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Villa Rudio at Sedico (BL)
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Sedico, Province of Belluno, altitude 340 m/1,115 feet above sea level; Via dei Fanti; train station at Sedico-Bribano, on the Montebelluna-Ponte nelle Alpi line, about 2 km/1.2 miles to the south. It is reachable by bike from the Feltre-Belluno bike route.

This villa was constructed towards the end of the seventeenth century as a commission from Count Sebastiano Rudio; it is surrounded by a vast estate; it is set on a small hill that overlooks the village of Sedico from the north and from which it is highly visible in the distance. The best place to view it is from the parking lot to the west of the Luxottica factory which today provides the principal economic base for the region. [Luxottica is the parent company of Lenscrafters. RB]

The villa has changed ownership many times but has been restored by the current owner. It’s not open to the public, and as I have already mentioned, it is visible only from a distance.

Latest visit: 2015-10-25

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