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Villa Bellati at Villabruna (BL)
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Feltre, Province of Belluno, Villabruna district, altitude 420 m/1,380 feet above sea level; Via le Case; train station at Feltre, on the Montebelluna-Ponte nelle Alpi line, about 5 km/3 miles to the south. It is reachable by bike from the Feltre-Belluno bike route by way of a short detour up the steep climb to Via le Case.

This monumental villa, the largest in the Province of Belluno, was constructed in 1703 at the foothills of the Belluno Dolomites, by the noble Giovanni Bellati and remained the property of the Bellati family until the first world war, when it was severely damaged and then finally restored in 1960. Successive ownerships have resulted in the complex now being abandoned.

The villa has a majestic facade with a central balcony and tripartite windows surmounted by a triangular pediment; it is surrounded by a large park and agricultural holdings which during the nineteenth century were used in the production of silk and for other types of farm crops.

The villa is currently the property of a real estate company which has put it up for sale. Neither the villa nor the grounds are open to the public, one can see the villa only through the gate off Via le Case.

Latest visit: 2015-10-25

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