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Ciclopista del Po
Ciclopista del Brenta - Ciclopista del Mincio Flag

Bicycle routes between Mantova and the estuary.
"Un Po in bicicletta" from Mantova to Sérmide 83 km
"Un Po in bicicletta" from Sérmide to Ferrara 77 km
The “Destra Po” bike route 75 km
The Po delta as far as Scanarello 80  km
The Po delta from Ariano to Porto Tolle 80  km
The Po delta as far as Goro 39 km
45 km

Along the longest river in Italy a bicycle route is taking shape that, if it still does not reach the level of the Donauradweg, in many places is very well equipped.

Here I describe the last section of the route between the provinces of Mantua and that of Ferrara; it is in this last section where one finds the best part, almost all of it along a dedicated and paved bike path.

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