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Bicycle routes in Europe
  • Venezia Bicycling in Venice
  • ItaliaThe Veneto by bicycle
  • ItaliaTrentino-A.Adige by bicycle
  • ItaliaFriuli by bicycle
  • ItaliaTuscany by bicycle
  • ItaliaLazio by bicycle
  • Notwithstanding the iron dictatorship of the automobile that currently dominates the Western world, it is still somehow possible to travel by bicycle, perhaps in combination with the train, using minor roads, at opportune times, and bicycle paths where they exist.

    Having pedaled half of Italy and half of Europe and having gathered lots of photos, memories and documents of these trips, in this site I have made available to travelers (and pedalers) some of this information in virtual format, for example on how to find the route (bicycle path), on how to find a credible cycling map, or on how to choose the correct gears.

    First, a list of short-distance routes that can be reached from Venice within a day, are summed up the page: In bicicletta da Venezia [Cycling from Venice]; for each route I dedicate a page with a map and photographs, and a page to each location of special note, in particular to several Venetian villas.

    A page is also dedicated to the use of a bicycle in Venice, but more on the islands of the lagoon, especially since in Piazza S. Marco and its surrounding area one is not permitted to ride a bike within Venice.

    Then routes of a broader outreach around Europe, with pages on Germany, Austria, France, and Holland.

    Other websites dedicated to bicycle routes:

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