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Stadler ETR 340 FLIRT and GTW of ST (Venezia-Adria railway)
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These trains which provide regional service are built by the Swiss company Stadler, in two models, the GTW diesel and the FLIRT electric, both consisting of multiple, articulated sections. In Italy these trains have been adopted by various local railroad lines, in particular by Sistemi Territoriali (ST) which, in the Veneto Region, operates the Venezia-Mestre-Adria line.

This train, as well as the FLIRT model adopted by Trenitalia as of December 2013, now provide the best solutions in Italy as regards bike access. This is especially true where the station platforms have been raised, something that is now prevalent, but even where the platform is still low, the steps to get up do not involve much difficulty.

Inside the bike is fastened with straps to the side wall which has folding seats, a solution that is very common on European trains. If there are no bicycles, the seats can be folded down and used by other travelers; if there is a bicycle it will take up three seats.

Altogether there is space for only two bicycles, a bit scant. Although one can use other available spaces, such as in front of the toilet compartment to accommodate additional bikes, the total capacity is somewhat limited.


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