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Stadler ETR 343/360 FLIRT of Trenitalia (Veneto region)
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With the latest seasonal adjustment of the train schedule, as of December 15, 2013, the Veneto region has placed in service, part of the Trenitalia fleet, these new Stadler models ETR 343/360, very similar to the ETR 340 that has already been used for several years by Sistemi Territoriali (a local railway operated by the Region of Veneto) on the Venezia-Adria line. These trains are built by the Swiss firm Stadler, model FLIRT, and are articulated into modular sections.

Of the trains operating in Italy, these trains are probably the absolute best with regard to transporting bikes.

One can only hope that these new trains will increase in availability and gradually replace other trains that are less bicycle-friendly.

To point out a surprising omission on these new trains: there is no trace of those very useful electrical outlets to recharge laptops, smart phones and cell phones that by now have become standard on later model trains such as the Vivalto and Minuetto, which makes it all the more surprising. I’m not sure if that decision is based on cost or some other concern; perhaps there had been episodes of abuse or vandalism? It’s a pity though because it’s the travelers that lose out.


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