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The Minuetto [minuet] is the new train that is intended for regional lines that operate at low frequency. In service since 2005 it displays the classic green-blue color scheme of Trenitalia, but there are also regional variations as with the trains of the Province of Trento.

The train is comprised of a “convoy” of three articulated cars, but that cannot be separated. It is possible to connect more than one convoy, nose to nose, but it would be impossible to pass from one to the other without leaving the train. The interior is spacious and with comfortable seats and almost all have electrical outlets.

The car with places for the bike is at the center of the convoy and can be recognized with the bicycle icon. On the trains of the Province of Trento the bike compartments will be on one of the two extreme ends.

Inside there are two places for bikes at the middle of the convoy employing the double-use solution: if there are no bikes the space for a bike can be used by other passengers by releasing three folding seats for each bike space. In double convoys there are four places available at most, a rather short-sighted decision, with the result that on certain lines that are particularly popular with cycle-tourists, such as the Valsugana and that of Tarvisio, the train can be invaded by bikes especially in the good-weather seasons. To improve the situation, Trenitalia and the province of Trento have modified some of the convoys by creating an area dedicated solely to bikes.

These trains come equipped with electrical outlets for laptops and recharging mobile phones.


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