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The bike route from Dobbiaco to Lienz
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This bike path that crosses the border between Italy and Austria is one of the best known and popular in Italy for two reasons: first, because of the ease of the route which is entirely paved and entirely downhill; and then, because of the availability of shuttle trains with bike transport from Lienz, which allow one to return to one's home base spared the effort of the ascent. As a result, the vast majority follow the bike path in the direction of descent.

The starting point could be the train station at Dobbiaco (but there is also the Cortina-Dobbiaco bike path that could get one here) or, more precisely, the nearby level crossing over the railroad tracks of the Fortezza-Lienz line; here get on the bike path, which is very well marked, and after an initial unpaved section, bumpy and with steep ups and downs (work in progress - July 2007), one gets on the actual bike path, which follows along the railroad tracks. After a few km, one finds oneself along the Drava River, which here is still the size of a small stream.

After crossing through the village of Innichen/S. Candido you reach the village of Prato alla Drava which marks the border between Austria and Italy. You enter a small woods and when you emerge you are already in Austrian territory next to the old customs house on the statale [state road].

The bike path continues always slightly downhill and following along the Drava, which gets increasingly wider. The path passes near the village of Sillian and continues all the way to Lienz.

Latest visit: 2007-07-07 (7 luglio)