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The Long Route of the Dolomites
Calalzo-Cortina 35km - Cortina-Dobbiaco 30km - Dobbiaco-Lienz 55 km - Altimetria, mappa e tabella di marcia Flag

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This is one of the most spectacular cycling routes in Italy; realized in the most part along the roadbed of the former Dolomites rail line, which was decommissioned in 1964; the bike path was officially inaugurated in July 2003.

The first section starts from the train station at Calalzo di Cadore and concludes in Cortina d'Ampezzo; the route is largely on a dedicated bike path closed to motor traffic, and in part, when going through the countryside, on a local road with little traffic; for several kilometers (near Peaio and Vodo di Cadore) one must still use the busy Statale 51 di Alemagna [state road 51 to Germany], but the bike path here too is in an advanced state of completion.

Completely unpaved, although mostly in good condition, and with difficult stretches due to loose gravel and rubble, is the stretch from Cortina to Dobbiaco.

Another section of the Long Route of the Dolomites is the bike route from Dobbiaco to Lienz along the Drava, which is also the first part of the Drauradweg.