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Upper Strassoldo Castle at Cervignano nel Friuli (UD)
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Strassoldo, a district of the town of Cervignano nel Friuli (UD), 11 m/36 feet above sea level, Via dei Castelli [street of the castles]; train station at Cervignano nel Friuli on the Venezia-Trieste line about 5 km/3 miles to the south. The castle is crossed by the Ciclovia [bike route] Alpe-Adria along the Udine-Cervignano section and is therefore easily reached from Cervignano or from Palmanova.

This is an ancient complex, dating back to the middle ages, constructed on behalf of the German family, Strassoldo von Graffemberg (or Strassoldo Gräfenberg, Italianized to Strassoldo di Graffembergo) who have had a documented presence on the plain of Friuli dating back to 1077; there is evidence that in 1190 the family divided into two branches resulting in the larger complex being divided into two castles.

The northern half is referred to as Castello di Sopra [upper castle] and consists of a number of separate structures organized around a large courtyard onto which face the church of San Nicolò and the villa padronale [country house].

The complex went through many alterations during the centuries, which are difficult to date. The main house has a simple facade with a central portal surmounted by a balcony. Noteworthy is the large park that surrounds the villa.

In 1798 the church became celebrated for hosting the wedding between Franziska Romana von Strassoldo-Gräfenberg and Count Josef Radetsky, who was to become governor of Lombardy and Veneto.

The villa remains the private property of the Strassoldo family and is used for events such as weddings, ceremonies and conferences. It can be visited only by making a reservation and for groups.

Latest visit: 2015-04-19

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