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Villa Duodo-Zoppolato at Mogliano Veneto (TV)
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Mogliano Veneto, altitude 8 m/26 feet above sea level; train station at Mogliano Veneto, I km/2/3 mile to the northwest on the Venezia-Treviso-Udine line. The villa is located at the end of Via Goffredo Mameli, a cross-street off “the Terraglio”.

This villa was built probably on top of a pre-existing structure in 1676 on behalf of Domenico Pesenti, it then passed to the Venetian Duodo family and then to another Venetian family, the Trevisanato, who, in 1840 due to financial difficulties, had to sell it to a Greek family, the Melicki, and from whom it was regained in the early twentieth century. Since 1946 it has been the property of the Zoppolato family.

The villa has a very simple but imposing form; the structure is a simple cube with three facades virtually identical: three floors each with three-part windows and a balcony at the center. Around the main building there are two barchesse [farm support buildings] and other farm outbuildings. Along the southern edge there is an eighteenth century chapel. During the period when it was owned by the Melicki family a large park was created by the landscape architect A. Negrin that includes an aranciera [orangery] and two greenhouses.

Between 1917-1918, during the Great War [World War I] the villa was used as the command headquarters of the 3rd Army and its commander Emanuele Filiberto, Duke of Aosta.

Currently (2012) the villa is a private residence, but the aranciera is used for weddings.

Latest visit: 2012-07-29

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