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Villa Ducale at Dolo (VE)
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Dolo, Riviera Martiri della Libertà 75, altitude 6 m/20 feet above sea level; train station at Dolo, about 4 km/2.5 miles to the northwest on the Milano-Venezia line; the villa is situated along the bike route of the Brenta.

The villa was constructed during the second half of the nineteenth century in the same location as three pre-existing eighteenth century buildings called the “Casini Andreucci” [the Andreucci cottages]. The villa is oriented orthogonally in relation to the Brenta Canal but with the main facade facing the garden. It has a central section that protrudes in relation to the rest of the structure, with an entrance portico surmounted by a balcony. The grounds surrounding the villa make up a large park with a stable.

The villa has had several names depending on its previous owners: Rocca, Ciceri and now Bressan. Today it is known by the name of the hotel and restaurant which it houses: Villa Ducale.

On July 8, 2015 a tornado of exceptional power passed within 200 m/650 feet of the villa; the park was destroyed and most of the trees were lopped off, so that the villa is now more visible from the street. Fortunately the structure of the villa suffered only minor damage, unlike nearby Villa Fini, which was completely destroyed.

The villa is privately owned and can be visited only by making an appointment.

Latest visit: 2017-08-27

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