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Detailed directions about the route can be obtained from the altimetry (last figure of the gallery), from the captions of the individual photos and from the "Google Map" at the bottom right, which can be enlarged as desired. Double clicking on the photos you can view them at the highest resolution.

Description of the route

There really is no true bike route from Venice to the airport; on the bike map of the city of Venice, indicated as planned are: a) a bike path along the Osellino Canal, as far as Forte Bàzzera, which is adjacent to the airport, the first section having been completed in 2016; and b) a bike lane along Via Triestina, all the way to the airport. Let’s see if these projects really get constructed during the next few years.

The route described below and on the accompanying map to the right, follows along the lagoon using the bike path to Forte Bàzzera, which is unpaved and in the final segment a rather rough dirt path; it is therefore more of interest for its scenic value, not as the best means of getting to the airport.

The route going the other way is totally paved: Airport - Venice.

From Piazzale Roma the route is the same as the bike route from Venice to the Vega [Venice Gateway for Science and Technology] as far as Via dei Petroli. Arriving at this street, instead of crossing and heading towards the Vega, we continue on the right side of the road until we turn right onto an uphill ramp.

The ramp leads to the overpass of San Giuliano, where, at the two STOP signs, the ramp off SR 11 from Venice enters from the right, now reduced to a sliver to accommodate the streetcar; wait until the ramp is clear of traffic to enter the downhill route (attention! there is road traffic, as well); about 200 m/650 feet later, a road on the right allows us to enter Parco San Giuliano.

Following the route on the map, you will reach the other side of the park where another bike path begins, crossing a narrow bridge on a narrow, yet cyclable base to Passo Campalto, with a marina on the right. Once across the street one will find signage indicating the bike path to Forte Bàzzera.

The bike path is fine gravel up to the Bosco di Campalto [Campalto woods] and the cemetery, where one climbs onto the levee of the Osellino Canal; here, rather than a bike path one will find a rather bumpy dirt path, which follows along the river Marzenego, finally reaching Forte Bàzzera, open to the public in the form of a small public park and occasionally where musical performances and similar events are held.

After the fort, a paved but narrow road continues to the village of Tessera, which lends its name to the area around the airport; turn right for about 400 m/.25 mile along the busy Via Triestina until you reach the rotary that marks the entrance to the airport; turn right and you will come to the ramp that takes you to the departure terminal.

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