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Detailed directions about the route can be obtained from the altimetry (last figure of the gallery), from the captions of the individual photos and from the "Google Map" at the bottom right, which can be enlarged as desired. Double clicking on the photos you can view them at the highest resolution.

Description of the route

This cycle route, completed in September 2017, allows to reach the mainland from Venice or the Lido almost entirely on private bike path and therefore safely. The reserved bicycle starts at the crossroads for the Tronchetto and ends at the subway to the Porto Marghera train station. From Vega you can continue to Mestre on this route, for Marghera on this route.

The beginning of the reserved cycle track can be reached in two ways:

  1. From the slip of the ferry boat, also carrying bikes, from Lido di Venezia; service every 50 minutes: follow the Tronchetto island's only road to the bridge and then to the roundabout at the entrance to the sea station; from here, turning left you reach a slope leading to the junction where the cycle begins.
  2. From piazzale Roma the exit is problematic for the cyclist; concrete barriers erected for the 2017 movie show as anti-terrorism protection have reduced the way to a gut where the cyclist struggles with fatigue; if you want to go quiet you just have to ride the bike by hand on the sidewalk to the walkway; after 500 m you cross the road and is shortly after a second crossing that of the road from the Tronchetto, on strips with apedestrian traffic light. In front of a passage in the balustrade you access the bike route.

From here onward, the path runs in the opposite direction of the bike route from Vega to Venice.

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