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Bicycling on the Lido of Venice
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The Lido of Venice is a narrow island (700 meters/2,300 feet at its widest) and long (more than 10 km/6 miles) that separates the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea; mostly uninhabited until the beginning of the 20th century, and only during the last century transformed into a residential neighborhood of Venice, and at the same time a famous seaside resort; crossed by a network of canals similar to the older Venice, which however are flanked by normal paved streets and that can be used by bicyclists but unfortunately also open to motorized traffic. The island could well be a paradise for bicyclists as theDutch islands of Vlieland and Schiermonnikoog and the German Langeoog, and perhaps it was that way not that long ago; now unfortunately the invasive presence of cars and motorbikes makes it rather a “paradise lost” ...

Still, vehicular traffic is less heavy than in other urban areas, and the number of cyclists and bicycles is higher, and especially at certain times (Sunday early mornings and between 1:00 and 3:00 pm) one can bike in relative peace.

The bicyclist (not from the Lido) can reach the Lido:

  1. from Venice, carrying one’s bike, on motonave [motorboat] 6/14 from San Zaccaria and arriving at S. M. Elisabetta;
  2. from Mestre and Marghera, biking on the bike lane along the Ponte della Libertà to Tronchetto and from there taking ferry 17 as far as S. Nicolò;
  3. from the peninsula of Cavallino, carrying one’s bike, with motonave [motorboat] 6/14 from Punta Sabbioni.

A possible bike route is one that would include all of the Lido and the island of Pellestrina.

Another route that is always possible starting from Piazzale S. M. Elisabetta is one that takes one along the breakwater to the lighthouse of the Lido.