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Villa Giustinian at Roncade (TV)
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This villa, also known as Castello [castle] di Roncade, was commissioned by the procurator Girolamo Giustinian in the late fifteenth century, but the construction only took place during 1520, after the War of the League of Cambrai, which had threatened the very existence of the Republic of Venice.

The name of the architect is not known, although it has been speculated to be Tullio Lombardo, who was also a sculptor. The Venetian-style villa was built on the ruins of a castle with Ghibelline [castellated] walls and with two tall towers. In the garden there are many sculptures.

Today the villa is owned by the Ciani Bassetti family who, after having restored it, have made the villa into the visitor center for their wine cellar providing agritourism and offering retail sales on site. The garden normally is open to the public.

Latest visit: 2014-06-21

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