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Villa Morosini-25 aprile at Mirano (VE)
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Mirano, altitude 15 m/50 feet above sea level. Train station at Mira/Mirano about 4 km/2.5 miles to the south on the Venezia-Padova line. From the station at Mirano one can follow the road along the left bank [east side] of the Canale di Taglio, which is very quiet and has sections dedicated to cyclists and pedestrians. The villa is situated at the center of the town within the public park called “Villa Belvedere” and with its entrance off Via Mariutto 2. This villa is along the Miranese-Brenta route.

The villa was constructed during the seventeenth century, and then reconstructed during the eighteenth century, receiving its current characteristics. The facade has as its most visible feature a large loggia [porch] at the piano nobile [the main living level] with four columns surmounted by a triangular pediment and by three statues. The interior originally was similar to a Venetian palazzo, but was reconfigured during the nineteenth century to accommodate the Biblioteca Comunale [public library] of Mirano, which was based here until 2003, when it was relocated to the barchessa of Villa Errera.

The building now seems to be closed and unused. In decidedly better condition is the barchessa located immediately behind the villa which hosts civic and cultural events for the city of Mirano.

A large park of great beauty continues behind the villa as far as Villa Erizzo Belvedere: both have derived their names from the belvedere [lookout tower] constructed at the center of the park.

Latest visit: 2020-07-12

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