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The Prosecco route
Varianti: Conegliano-Montebelluna km 48 - Conegliano-Treviso km 75 Flag

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A route (an alternative to the Valdobbiadene route) up and over the hills of Prosecco, the best known and prized wine from the Treviso region, in its three varieties: Prosecco di Conegliano, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene and Prosecco dei Colli Asolani. The route is a bike route only in the broadest sense; there are no dedicated bike paths or bike lanes except for very short segments; but most of the route follows along roads that have relatively little traffic so that only in this sense can it be called a bike route. The many ups and downs make this a moderately difficult route which requires being in good shape to deal with the climbs.

Point of departure is the train station at Conegliano; get on the short avenue that leads away from the station, climb the stairway in the distance and you will find yourself along the right side [east] of the Accademia; get on Via Benini and take it to its end where on the right you will see the Castello di Conegliano; continuing your climb you will reach an intersection from which one takes Via Costa Alta riding through the Prosecco vineyards as far as San Pietro di Feletto, from which there is a broad panorama overlooking the Prosecco hills; from here one descends and then climbs again as far as Refrontolo; from here take the road towards Solighetto, get on the statale [state road] towards Follina, turn left and just beyond turn right towards Col S. Martino; from here take the road (Via Fontana) towards Guia, with some final steep sections as far as Guietta where one joins the road towards Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene.

One bikes towards Valdobbiadene in a landscape primarily of hills literally covered by vineyards; the village of Santo Stefano is the heart of the Prosecco di Valdobbiadene zone and just beyond easily visible on the left is the Collina del Cartizze, the official area for production of the Prosecco superiore of Cartizze, the most prized variety of this wine.

Once past the hill there is a descent to the village of Valdobbiadene where the true Prosecco route ends; to conclude this trip there are a few alternatives:

  1. (the route indicated on the GPS trace) continue towards Bigolino and Vidor as far as the bridge over the Piave, then Crocetta del Montello as far as Montebelluna (16 km/10 miles) where there is an FS train station on the Treviso-Feltre-Belluno line so that one can finish the trip here by putting the bike on the train; if one has the time and energy, one can go further to Treviso along roadway SP 100 which is relatively peaceful and easy by being entirely downhill.
  2. Cross the Piave and then continue towards Cornuda and Masèr with its splendid Villa Barbaro, masterpiece by Palladio; then from here by way of Asolo to Bassano del Grappa. (about 35 km/22 miles)
  3. Go back to Conegliano going through Vidor, Sernaglia dell Battaglia and Farra di Soligo; a route that has relatively little traffic, at least on Sundays, and without any grade changes. (33 km/20 miles