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Ostiglia - Loreggia-Grisignano
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Detailed directions about the route can be obtained from the altimetry (last figure of the gallery), from the captions of the individual photos and from the "Google Map" at the bottom right, which can be enlarged as desired. Double clicking on the photos you can view them at the highest resolution.

Description of the route

This, the second segment of the Treviso-Ostiglia bike route has finally been completed as of autumn 2017 with the opening of a large new bridge over the Brenta River; only the final segment just before Grisignano di Zocco is still partially incomplete.

The starting point is the bridge over the Muson River where this bike route crosses the Muson dei Sassi route; descend from the embankment, locate the signage of the bike route and shortly after you will find yourself on the raised rail bed of the former railroad. A short asphalt section ends adjacent to the tracks of the Padova-Castelfranco line, shortly before the train station at Camposampiero. Trains come through here frequently that have places for bicycles.

The bike path comes to a rotary adjacent to the railroad tracks; just before the rotary cross the adjacent street and make a U-turn to enter the underground passage which allows you to cross below the tracks. Once you are out on the other side, you will find at the far end and on the left a local road where a new section of bike path starts and which follows along the fence of the Camposampiero train station. At the end of a long straight run you will find on the right a ramp down to Via Ponzian which takes you to a rotary which you need to go around to find a small unpaved road which runs parallel to the highway, Via Martiri delle Foibe. After a few hundred meters/yards on the right one climbs back onto the raised rail bed of the former railroad.

Continue for a few km/miles crossing through the township of Arsego and then through Campo San Martino. The bike path is elevated above the level of the adjacent countryside and crosses over several roads by newly constructed bridges; after Pieve di Curtarolo one comes to a straight section on top of a berm that takes one directly by way of a new bridge over the Brenta River, constructed in 2017, that takes one across the river and to the town of Piazzola sul Brenta.

Piazzola is a village that grew around the colossal Villa Contarini, one of the largest of the Venetian villas. To visit the villa requires a brief detour of about 1.5km/1 mile after the bridge; the bike path continues as far as the boundary between the provinces of Padova and Vicenza; a bit afterwards the bike path crosses a local bike path and then continues to Pojana di Granfion, where it ends altogether; take SP23 towards the right which shortly after rises up to an overpass over the train tracks, but just beforehand there is a turnoff to the right for the station at Grisignano di Zocco on the Milano-Venezia line. The old Treviso-Ostiglia rail line also used to run through this station, too. One hopes that in the future the similarly-named bike route will continue into the provinces of Vicenza and Verona; for now there is only a short straight section, just after the train station, that has been cleared and paved.

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