Bicycle routes in Venice
Through the barene [shoals] as far as Lio Piccolo
The lagoon north from Caposile to Cavallino - A trip to the lighthouse Flag

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The barene [shoals] are small areas of land that barely emerge from the lagoon, subjected as they are to the cycle of the tides. In the Lagoon of Venice they appear primarily in the northern area, between the peninsula of Cavallino, the islands of Burano and Torcello and the former alignment of the Piave River.

This is a route on bike through the shoals and one that takes you to Lio Piccolo. From Venice or from the Lido you can carry bikes on the ferry (ACTV line 14, ticket price for the bike is 1.10 €) as far as Punta Sabbioni; from here take the road that follows along the lagoon (avoid the straight shot of Via Fausta which is very busy with traffic especially in summer). After 2.5 km/1.5 miles you will find a bridge to the left for Treporti; continue by crossing through the village and after a short while, just before coming to the Treporti terminal you will find a street to the right along a canal, which after a few hundred meters/yards veers to the left, narrows down and starts running through a more singular environment made up of ponds and shoals and frequented by seagulls, garzette (small, yellow-feet herons) [snowy egrets] and other marsh birds, all the way to Lio Piccolo.

Coming from Cavallino (or from Jesolo) one could also follow the small road along the lagoon as far as the bridge at Treporti (about 10 km/6 miles).

The route ends suddenly at Lio Piccolo, a hamlet of very few houses surrounding a church, all in a state of total abandonment. A sign announces that the hamlet is in a state of restoration, but for now it appears so only on paper.

To return it is best to go the same way you came.

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