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The lagoon north from Caposile to Cavallino
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Point of departure is the train station at S. Donà di Piave on the Venezia-Trieste line (inter-regional service providing train+bike service at all times).

Leave S. Donà by crossing the bridge over the Piave and immediately afterwards descend down a ramp to the right which passes under the statale [state highway] and then join the road along the Piave; after a couple of km/about 1.2 miles take the road to the right towards Chiesanuova and always following along the old Piave [the original alignment of the river] you will arrive at Caposile; here you should avoid the road to Iesolo, which is very busy with traffic and instead use the small road which, after crossing a pontoon bridge, continues south of the Piave along the lagoon; after 5km/3 miles you need to take the unpaved road to the right towards Valle Grassabò; the gravel and rather broken-up road runs between the shoals and the lagoon as far as the hamlet of Lio Maggiore; seagulls, egrets (small herons) and other marsh birds rule this area.

Return back to the paved road and from here you can continue towards Iesolo and then to the Lido di Jesolo, a seaside resort unfortunately saturated with cement and motor vehicles even during the off-season; you can use the bike path that follows along the main road, parallel to the beach, as far as the mouth of the old Piave. From here you can continue towards the village of Cavallino and, avoiding the main road (Via Fausta) which is very heavy with traffic and dangerous, take the [slightly] less busy road that follows along the lagoon; after 13 km/8 miles you will arrive at Punta Sabbioni where we find the embarkation terminal of the ACTV ferry line, from where you can board to return to the Lido or to Venice.

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