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From Dresden along the Elbe and then to Berlin (4 segments)

The segments
1Dresda − Torgau 98 km
2Torgau − Lutherstadt-Wittenberg 72 km
3Lutherstadt-Wittenberg − Potsdam 80 km
4Potsdam − Berlin 40 km

For some years I had planned to go back to Berlin, which I had visited the last time in 2003. Nine years later that moment had arrived; initially the idea was to leave from Nuremberg, going through Gera, Leipzig and Wittenberg, but the many difficulties that arose in planning this, induced me to change the itinerary with departure from Dresden, follow the route along the Elbe and the Elberadweg [the bike path along the Elbe] as far as Wittenberg and then to arrive at Berlin after going through Potsdam.

So after 9 years, I updated my description of the bike path of the Elbe which then covered only the route from Prague to Dresden. This time the weather was very accommodating, sunny and warm. Only in Potsdam did I come across any rain at all, thus avoiding any heavy rains.

The biggest problems I encountered were in placing train reservations; the success of the train + bike combination, and perhaps even a shortage of trains, forced me to change trains numerous times and required unintended stops in various cities. Even DB [Deutsche Bahn] Italia, which in past years had been very efficient in reserving spaces for bikes, couldn't make it work any better.

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