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Along with the Donauradweg this bicycle route along the Elbe is one of the longest and most spectacular of Europe, in particular along the first segment which runs through the historic regions of Bohemia and Saxony among splendid castles and towns full of history.

I had already done the route from Prague to Dresden (in 2003) and now the route from Dresden to Lutherstadt-Wittenberg (in 2012); as for the remaining section from Wittenberg to Hamburg … who knows? I will publish these routes a little at a time over time.

The two trip segments between Prague and Dresden are too long, especially the first one, which is about 120 – 130 km/75 – 80 miles long, which I had attempted in 2003. It would be wiser to break the route into three segments of about 80 km/50 miles each.

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