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From Basel to Ulm by way of Lake Constance (in 6 segments)

1Basilea − Waldshut-Tiengen 70 km
2Waldshut-Tiengen − Stein am Rhein 70 km
3Stein am Rhein − Arbon 60 km
4Arbon − Friedrichshafen 75 km
5Friedrichshafen − Biberach an der Riss 75 km
6Biberach an der Riss − Ulm 50 km

On many occasions I had been told that the Bodensee (Lago di Costanza, in Italian; Lake Constance in English) is a biking destination of particular interest. How to get there by train? The lake is well served by the Swiss railways and by trains from Germany and Austria, but in the end I have preferred starting at Basel, on the Rhine, following the Rhine as far as the lake, looping partway around the lake, and then heading to the Danube at Ulm. From Ulm you can return to Italy by way of Munich.

This trip could be described by a number of themes: “From the Rhine to the Danube”; “From Basel to Ulm”; “From the city of (*)Euler to the city of Einstein”; “Around and about the Bodensee”.

I had lots of concern about the weather. During 2010 going between Basel and Geneva I had to endure being both wet and cold. This time the weather was decidedly more accommodating: sunny and warm every day except for 15 August which was marred by some light rain.

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