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Along the Tiber to the South of Rome
Pista ciclabile del Tevere da p.te Milvio a Castel Giubileo e nel centro storico Flag

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Built in the early `90s symmetrically to the bike path that runs from Ponte Milvio north to Castel Giubilieo, this bike path runs along the right bank of the Tiber from Ponte Sublicio all the way to Ponte della Magliana near EUR (*). Here the bike path crosses the river on a bike lane on the north side of the bridge.

From here on the bike path runs along the left bank of the Tiber, going past EUR and then the hippodrome at Tor di Valle as far as the GRA bridge of Mezzocammino. Here the bike route ends and with no indication that there might be a future continuation to the sea, which would be highly desirable.

The path is entirely paved and in fairly good condition; only at the stretch that is just before and after the Ponte Marconi, is one forced to ride on the sidewalk of the Lungotevere.

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Esposizione Universale Roma was planned originally as the site for the 1942 world`s fair which Mussolini intended to promote twenty years of Fascism. Now it is a residential and business district. RB X