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Barchesse di villa Valmarana at Mira (VE)
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Mira, via Valmarana 11, altitude 5 m/16 feet above sea level; train stations at Mira, 4 km/2.5 miles to the north on the Venezia-Padova line, and at Mira Buse 1 km/.6 miles to the south on the Venezia-Adria line. The villa is highly visible from the bicycle route of the Brenta, and faces the Villa Seriman-Widmann, on the opposite side of the canal.

This villa was built in 1761 by the nobleman Leonardo Valmarana, a member of a wealthy family from Vicenza, and consisted of a central building with two (*)barchesse [support structures]; the main building was demolished in the early twentieth century to avoid a tax on luxury buildings; all that remains standing are the two barchesse that were abandoned and fell into ruin. Eventually the right barchessa, also known as the foresteria [guest quarters], which is located on the Brenta canal opposite Villa Seriman, was restored and is now the main building of this property.

The villa can be visited all year; for updated info see the official website.

“In the Venetian dialect, a barchessa is an all-purpose farm building, housing plows and other farm equipment, storing grain, and stabling animals.” from Palladian Days, Finding a New Life in a Venetian Country House by Sally Gable. RB X

Latest visit: 2014-06-14

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