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Villa Repeta at Campiglia dei Berici (VI)
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Campiglia dei Berici, Via Andrea Palladio, altitude 20 m/66 feet above sea level; train station at Montagnana or at Este, on the Mantova-Monselice line about 10 km/6 miles to the south. The villa can be reached by way of a short side-trip off the Vicenza-Noventa Vicentina bike route.

In his Second Book of Architecture Andrea Palladio lists a Villa Repeta at Campiglia dei Berici commissioned by Signor Mario Repeta; the design is unique in consisting of a long portico that connects the barchesse [farm support buildings] on the sides with the master’s house in the center but which doesn’t have the usual dominance over the rest; perhaps an indication of the egalitarian ideals of the Repeta family.

A devastating fire destroyed the Palladio villa at the end of the 17th century and the villa we see today has nothing remaining of the original Palladio design except that the overall appearance is “Palladian”. The elevation facing the street is in good condition and has at its center three arches surmounted by three windows and the usual triangular pediment. More monumental, but not in good condition, is the rear facade facing the garden, of a classic Greek temple motif with a central loggia [porch] of four round columns and two pilasters in the corners.

It remains uncertain if the Palladio design was ever fully realized and how complete the villa was when it was destroyed by fire.

Latest visit: 2013-03-02

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