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Sile: Treviso-Venezia
Altimetry, map, time table - 51 kmThe Sile towpath: Venezia – Quarto d'Altino – Treviso - Flag

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 Photo gallery
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Description of the route

This route for the most part follows a river, the Sile, as with so many other bike paths, inspired by the Central European model of the Donauradweg; the Sile is a small river that traverses the province of Treviso flowing into the Adriatic just north of the Venice Lagoon (in fact, at one time the Sile emptied directly into the lagoon but the Doges altered the alignment to protect the lagoon from siltation.)

Point of departure is the Treviso Centrale train station. Upon leaving the station head to the right and follow the small road along the railroad tracks until you reach Via Sebastiano Venier. Cross the river Sile and turn right pedaling along the river; shortly after you will pass under the railroad tracks and from here is the beginning of a dedicated bike path. Continue traveling along the Sile alternating between paved and unpaved sections. At this point the Sile is populated with many species of birds: coots, swans and mallards being the most common.

Leaving the town one crosses a dam-bridge on the right, turn left to get on a paved section of road and shortly after on the left the entrance to the parkland of the Sile; here one comes to a wooden boardwalk (be aware, for several years now one is required to carry one’s bike over this boardwalk). We are in the area with the suggestive name cemetery of the burci, old abandoned barges that here have reduced to skeletons of wood.

After the boardwalk the bike path resumes as far as the village of Casier, which from here continues unpaved along the Sile as far as Lughignano, but before reaching it we are blocked by a gate; a sign announces the year when continuation of the bike path along the Sile might be completed, but for now there are only two choices: a) cross to the other bank of the river by way of the small ferry (runs only in the summer); b) turn around and take the road to the left that, after crossing through an industrial zone, takes one to Strada Nuova Trevigiana; in 2014 a bike lane was opened on the right side; by following it we arrive at Lughignano where we find Via della Chiesa [church] on the left, which takes one back towards the Sile; when we get to the church we have two choices: a) [the shorter] turn right following the signs for “Bici in vacanza” and shortly after rejoin the Sile; b) turn left as far as the fifteenth century Villa Corner Gabbianelli; shortly after on the right side is the intended route of the bike path that is yet to be constructed; this section for now is a grassy path with a crossing over a drainage canal on a metal plate which one can use to cross but with due attention; eventually one comes back to the Sile by following along the property of Villa Corner; to the right one rejoins the unpaved bike route along the Sile.

Continue along the Sile up to the sign marking the end of the bike path and for the turnoff to Casale del Sile; follow along local roads passing near sports fields until Via Belvedere and shortly after, on the left, is the road to the promenade along the Sile through the center of the village; then return to the road towards Quarto d’Altino and ride on a narrow bike lane on the left side of the road.

At Quarto d’Altino there are several options: a) end the trip by taking a train on the Venezia-Trieste line from the local station; b) continue along the Sile as far as Portegrandi and then along the lagoon as far as San Donà; c) continue all the way to Venice (which is the route of the GPS trace).

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