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 Photo gallery
Detailed directions about the route can be obtained from the altimetry (last figure of the gallery), from the captions of the individual photos and from the "Google Map" at the bottom right, which can be enlarged as desired. Double clicking on the photos you can view them at the highest resolution.

Description of the route

One possible route from Marghera to Venice, for the most part on bike paths or bike lanes; the final segment from Vega [the Venice Trade Fair] overlaps the Mestre-Venice route.

Reverse route Venice – Marghera

Starting at the Panorama commercial center get onto Via Fratelli Bandiera which has a bike lane on the right side, although in rather poor condition; towards its end you come to Via delle Macchine on the right, sufficiently wide but lacking a bike lane; on non-work days traffic is at a minimum, but during the work week traffic can be extreme, especially with trucks, tractor trailers and tankers. At its end cross the railroad tracks leading to the port and turn left climbing onto the overpass as far as highway SR 11.

Here the road descends, very wide but without a bike lane; at its end on the right side you can get on a bike lane that runs along the railroad tracks as far as the various structures of Vega (the Venice Trade Fair); there you ride along left of the buildings until you come to a widening between the underpass to the Porto Marghera train station and the Pegaso Pavilion.

From here on, the route coincides with the Mestre-Venice route.

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