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 Photo gallery
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Description of the route

This next to last trail segment became “the trip from hell” due to bad weather. Leaving Berwick the weather was gray but with no rain, and similarly as far as Polegate where the Cuckoo Trail begins, still very pleasant; the bike path ended at Heathfield where it began to rain lightly; now the roads became increasingly bumpy, with steep grades that forced me repeatedly to walk my bike and as the rain intensified.

At Groombridge the steep grades ended, and the Forest Way starts, another bike path built on the rail bed of a decommissioned railroad; I encountered increasingly strong rain and a muddy bike path as far as East Grinstead, where, immediately after the train station, is the beginning of the Worth Way, another unpaved bike path. And here the rain turned into a deluge, I’m riding in the mud but seem to be swimming in a sea of pounding rain; even the brake pads begin to get mushy and their reliability degrades. I’m now about two hours behind schedule.

Upon reaching the Crawley train station at Three Bridges, I decided to suspend the remainder of this segment and play it safe; luckily trains run frequently, all have places for bikes, and in a few minutes I traveled the remaining 7 km/4 miles to Horley, where I had booked the hotel.

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