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Bike route [Padova] Monselice-Montagnana-Legnago
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The first part of this route coincides with the one that goes from Padova [Padua] to Monselice. Then again, you could start directly from Monselice if you wish to reduce the overall distance.

Leaving the Monselice train station turn right, go across the street-level crossing over the tracks and continue for a few hundred meters/yards on a local road; then turn left and descend until you come out on the provincial road, as far as the rotary, where you take the road on the left to the cement factory; when you come to the entrance plaza of the factory, take the small road on the right, passing between two concrete blocks. This small road continues through the fields to another local road; turn left and you will arrive at Este in front of the castello [castle] which is worth visiting (the interior courtyard is maintained as a public garden and is often used for cultural events).

Leaving the castello, rejoin the main road and continue to the other end of the village; at this point you take a small road on the left passing under an arch and a tower, and immediately after you take a small road to the right, closed to motor traffic (except for local traffic); the road runs along a canal as far as the lock; cross the bridge and here turn left until the beginning of an unpaved road (a rather bad surface, it would be better to have a mountain bike) which runs along the right bank of another canal. After a couple of kilometers of unpaved road the road becomes asphalt again and merges, at an angle, onto a quiet local road; turn left and continue for another 4 − 5 km [2 ½ − 3 miles], always along a canal. You will come out on a road with heavy traffic, turn left for a few meters and you will find, on the right, another quiet local road which continues for another 5 km [3 miles] until it runs into the road to Montagnana. Turn left, and in 4 km [2 ½ miles] you will arrive at Montagnana.

Montagnana is one of the few villages in Europe to have preserved 100% of its medieval walls. An impressive sight all the more for the tall towers that are evenly spaced along the walls. You can do a complete circuit of the walls by following along the road outside.

At Montagnana one could conclude the tour, taking the train from the FS train station on the Mantova [Mantua] Monselice line. Trains are not very frequent and not very fast, but they almost always have a space for bicycles.

Alternatively you can continue to Legnago, one of the bastions of the Austrian Quadrilatero of the early nineteenth century, or to the statale [state highway], facing traffic, or on local streets to Borgo San Marco, San Salvaro, and Stradone. At Legnago there is an FS train station on the Mantova [Mantua] Monselice line, but also on the line for Rovigo.