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Total weight (cyclist + bike) in kg Power in watts Downhill Level of detail
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Pounds to kilograms (kg)Multiply pounds x .4536 = kilograms
Miles to kilometers (km)Multiply miles x 1.6 = kilometers
Kilometers to milesMultiply kilometers x .6 = miles
Meters to feetMultiply meters x 3.3 = feet
Venezia piazzale Roma4 m0 m0.0 km0:0012:00
I Pili4 m4232 m4.2 km 0:1112:11
Porto Marghera sottop.1 m2499 m6.7 km 0:1812:18
Mestre Stazione 4 m2154 m8.9 km 0:2412:24
sottopasso ciclabile4 m665 m9.5 km 0:2612:26
via Giustizia4 m173 m9.7 km 0:2712:27
rot. via Miranese4 m396 m10.1 km 0:2812:28
inizio ciclabile ferrovia4 m1102 m11.2 km 0:3112:31
fine ciclabile ferrovia4 m2385 m13.6 km 0:3712:37
rotonda Asseggiano4 m1233 m14.8 km 0:4112:41
Mirano parchi6 m5713 m20.6 km 0:5612:56
Mirano villa Morosini6 m86 m20.6 km 0:5612:56
Mirano Villa Belvedere5 m336 m21.0 km 0:5712:57
Mirano7 m515 m21.5 km 0:5912:59
inizio ciclabile taglio7 m560 m22.0 km 1:0013:00
bivio Mira stazione6 m2913 m25.0 km 1:0813:08
Mira6 m3514 m28.5 km 1:1813:18
Mira Porte6 m1814 m30.3 km 1:2313:23
Mira Riscossa6 m1289 m31.6 km 1:2713:27
Oriago di Mira6 m1993 m33.6 km 1:3213:32
bivio5 m613 m34.2 km 1:3413:34
via Colombara6 m762 m34.9 km 1:3613:36
sottopasso ciclabile6 m640 m35.6 km 1:3813:38
Torre Colombara4 m1378 m37.0 km 1:4213:42
sottopasso ciclabile5 m825 m37.8 km 1:4413:44
via Tron5 m541 m38.3 km 1:4613:46
incrocio via Avena3 m330 m38.7 km 1:4713:47
ciclabile F.lli Bandiera5 m701 m39.4 km 1:4913:49
via delle Macchine6 m1832 m41.2 km 1:5413:54
Porto Marghera stazione12 m2821 m44.0 km 2:0214:02
I Pili12 m2409 m46.4 km 2:0914:09
Venezia piazzale Roma14 m4281 m50.7 km 2:2114:21
Total50.7 km 02 h 21 m