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In this section I present various itineraries that I personally have tested and recorded with a GPS (global positioning satellite) tracking device, with altimetry and distances generated automatically; it is possible also to visualize the routes using Google Earth (obviously, only if installed on the user’s computer) and to download them.

These tables can be calculated based on various parameters that the user may specify; in particular take note of the Potenza in Watt − the ability to determine work-out levels based on watts. For recreational bikers this may range between 150 W and 300 W, while professional riders may aspire and reach up to 500 W.

A simple method to determine the actual watts consumed is to vary the settings, on the respective page, and to compare the time estimated with that actually required. Naturally, don’t count rest stops or trip segments that were on foot!

Best-known distance calculations are listed to the side. New distance calculations as they become available will be added over time.

The distances were recorded on a data-base generated by GPS signals; unfortunately GPS navigators are rather imprecise regarding altitude and can therefore describe variations in altitude and grades that are not accurate. This forced me to verify distances manually before I felt I could publish them; the time calculations are therefore rather long.