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Villa Godi Piovene at Sarmego (VI)
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Grumolo delle Abbadesse, district of Sarmego, province of Vicenza, altitude 25 m/80 feet above sea level; Via Piovene; train station at Grisignano di Zocco, on the Milano-Venezia line, about 5 km/3 miles to the east or at Vicenza 10 – 15 km/6 – 9 miles to the west. The villa is located along the touristic bike route of the Vicentine plain.

The villa was constructed in the flat agricultural zone east of Vicenza at the end of the sixteenth century for Count Camillo Godi, who had commissioned the project to Vincenzo Scamozzi; the land was already the property of the Godi family and was demarked by a canal; a small bridge provided access to the villa, through a gate with two pilasters surmounted by statues.

The villa as built is different from the design by Scamozzi. The main block is very simple and rather understated; to the sides other structures consisting of two crenellated towers were added during the nineteenth century. To the north of the main villa there are service buildings connected by way of a large L shaped barchessa, while to the south there is a smaller barchessa and a free-standing chapel.

The villa is still the property of the Piovene Porto Godi family and is used for receptions, ceremonies and corporate functions.

Latest visit: 2015-09-27

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